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Founded in 2010, Vantage Counseling of Las Vegas has reliably served the Southern Nevada community for nearly a decade. Vantage Counseling’s mission is fourfold:

1. Best Practice

Vantage Counseling and Dr. Juan Garcia only provide services from PhD-trained practitioners that uphold Best Practice standards, provide empirically proven methods, and administer evidence based treatments.

2. Empowerment

Vantage Counseling conducts treatment that is designed to provide relief and—more importantly— to establish sustainable progress. With a comprehensive approach, Dr. Garcia helps clients to obtain the knowledge and resourcefulness that are needed to minimize and prevent relapse and recurrence while also preserving the gains and growth.

3. Professionalism

Often described as reliable, responsive, and exceedingly professional, Vantage Counseling offers welcoming, respectful, and accommodative services. From the outset, you’ll have direct contact with Dr. Garcia who will provide thorough and personalized care throughout your entire experience with Vantage Counseling.

4. Inclusiveness

Vantage Counseling provides safety for and offers competency with the various and unique differences held within and across lifestyles, cultures, races, ethnicities, religious orientations, spiritual beliefs, gender identities, sexual orientations, ability and disability diversities, and for both traditional and non-traditional romantic partnerships.

Dr. Juan Garcia, PhD | Licensed Psychologist | Vantage Counseling | Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, NV
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